Online Business – Tips For Creating a Sticky Website

If you want to start an online business, an important characteristic of your website is that it should be “sticky.” A sticky website is a site where you are inclined to not just visit it but to explore the different features of the website.If you notice that your website has received a lot of hits or visits but it does not translate to sales, its time to review your website as a customer and find out where the problem is. From this experience you can make assessments and improvements to make your website stickier.Make Your Website User FriendlyYour website should be easy enough to navigate at first visit. If this isn’t the case then improvements need to be made. Remember, people go online to get information so it is best to set up your website in such way that information is just a click a way. Otherwise, people can lose interest right away and leave your website if they don’t get the information they are looking for.When designing your website, make sure to guide your visitors and simplify things for them by adding menus or tabs as a means to guide them. Also, remember to create a way for customers to get back to the homepage or a previous page should they get lost in the website.Guide Your Visitors Where You Want Them to BeSimplify things for your visitors by leading them where you want them to be in your website. Adding buttons and banners that read ‘Click Here’, ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Learn More’ helps a lot. You wouldn’t want to keep your visitors guessing on where they have to go. Your website will earn more if you guide your visitors than let them wander aimlessly in your website.Make Yourself AvailablePeople in general like to go online to get information but there are some who would rather not make any online purchases but they would opt to purchase by phone or through a physical location. Therefore, it is best to give them options on how they can get in touch with you. Adding a live chat feature is a great way for them to communicate and get first-hand information from you so they can decide right away instead of going elsewhere to get information.Keep Them Coming BackAny prospective customer will check out your website a couple of times for information before deciding to purchase from you. While customers may have found your website to be quite impressive, there’s no way for them to remember to return to your website again. The solution is to encourage them to bookmark your website so they can visit it again. A handful of web surfers might remember your website address but there’s a big chance that they don’t. If a customer can’t remember your website then this might cause you to lose that customer completely, which is not how you want to run your online business.