Publicizing Your Real Estate Business

Creating publicity, advertising and other sorts of schemes a real estate agent can think of are all valid forms in bridging the gap of what people knows and does not know about the real estate business. As a real estate agent, it may take time for you to be able to pull your act together in leading people to realize that your real estate business exists, but once you have established your purpose, your name and business’s’ reputation is there with them as long as you are.Now, working as a full-time agent for your own real estate business is a daily grind towards what you can maximize by just using low expenditure. It isn’t easy, no; especially when you are on the process of getting the word out to your target market. If there is anything going on with your real estate business; especially when you want to get the ball rolling for a public event, advertising while spending the lowest possible cost is your main target. What with all the other big competitors out there working really hard to stay on top of everyone else, you wouldn’t want to add burden to the rest of the responsibilities you are attending to, right?So, the question is, what is the cost-affective approach you can take for making your business known? Creating a press release is the best answer to this. A press release is something any real estate agent (or businessman) can ultimately afford. Presenting your business and what it is good at in text and designating it through emails, fax letters, and snail mails are almost close to inviting everyone you know (their friends and your friends’ friends) gather in one venue. And this idea is expensive!With press releases, though, you can reach more than just the people you know in your area. It reaches more audience and possibly potential clients. The help of internet and computers is going to save you a lot of work and money. If you need help in creating press releases for your real estate business, search for a reliable source in the internet. Practice your creativity before sending out the final copy. Good luck!

AI Programmers Making News Synthesizers and Readers – 2011 Artificial Intelligent News

Did you know that AI or artificial intelligence is getting better and smarter each day? It’s true, and these AI news synthesizers are incredibly advanced. In fact, some of what is to come in 2011, is almost scarier than what is already here and operating behind the scenes. Some things you probably didn’t know. Oh, so now I have your curiosity, do I? Okay so you are wondering if what I am saying is true? Indeed it is.In fact there was a great article on this topic in the New York Times on December 22, 2010 titled; “Wall Street Computer That Trade on the News,” by Graham Bowley. In the article it stated that academic and business teams had put together almost 4,000 words that might be found in a business news story about a company, how so you ask?Well, words and phrases, and the article stated; “Feel-good or Feel Bad words include obvious ones like; Ingenuity, Strength, Winner, Litigious, Colludes, Risk, etc.” and “The software typically identifies the subject of a story and then examines the actual words. The programs are written to recognize the meaning of words and phrases in context, like distinguishing between; terribly, good and terribly good.”Perhaps you are aware that most large companies have “resume readers” now, which look for key words such as MBA, University of, 10 years at, etc, etc. and this saves time from reading through 10,000 job applicant resumes, weeding it down to 20-50 or so, to be looked at as a second review? And perhaps, you didn’t know that there is now derivative software which re-writes articles changing wording to make new versions of the same article.Further, some writing software now allows newbie reporters to punch in the; who, what, when, where, and how, and create the entire news story, obituary, traffic accident, fire incident, arrest, political even, etc. – Indeed, other news software now scours many news sources, and creates the new article borrowing re-written derivative phrases from several articles, and thus, totally eliminates the need for reporters or writers at all?What’s that famous line, “if you steal content from one person it is plagiarism, but if you steal content from many sources its research.” Apparently, there is a whole LOT of research going on in the online news scenery these days? Indeed, I sincerely hope you will consider all this and I hope you will please think on it.

Social Media Advertising Trends You Should Be Watching

Social media is a valuable tool brands can and should be using to enhance their presence and build a loyal following. The companies that have successful social media marketing campaigns have a dedicated staff that stays abreast of emerging trends. This alone can help your brand stay ahead of the curve and its competitors.If your business doesn’t have an in-house social media team to keep an ear to the ground, you can always resort to social media marketing services. Even with these services, it wouldn’t hurt to be in-the-know about industry trends. The following are the ones we believe will take precedence in 2017.Ads Using Live Video FeaturesLive video feeds are growing more and more popular among brands and consumers alike. You can find businesses live streaming behind-the-scenes access to events and consumers sharing their thoughts and activities. What we’re seeing is the growing acceptance of live streaming on both ends of the spectrum. Those with large followings are almost guaranteed to have thousands of people watching their live feeds (if scheduled at the right time of day).While this trend is worth keeping an eye on, there’s another one that’s worthy of noting – live ads. Imagine a local baker streaming the preparation of their cakes and pies, then telling the viewers to come and get a slice while it’s still hot! Never before has this been done, simply because it wasn’t economical (or easily accessible). The internet has opened up new opportunities for both large and small businesses, so get prepared. This isn’t a trend you want to pass up on – choose and hire one of the reputable social media marketing companies.Remarketing with Dynamic Product AdsAgain, online media makes it possible for advertisers to do things that were once impossible. In the past, we weren’t able to remarket the exact same product a customer was previously looking at. If anything, your generic ad would show up, but never an actual product the customer was interested in. With retargeting, you can display dynamic ads that showcase the various products the consumer was viewing, increasing the chances of them coming back to make the purchase. The ChatbotsToday’s consumers are looking for immediate access to brands – this is why social media has really taken off for businesses of all types. Those with a social media presence are prevailing because this is where customers interact with them.Improving how your customers engage with your business is key to maintaining a high satisfaction rate. With the new chatbot feature, brands can interact with customers on social media and via their websites. Chatbots can be used to answer customer questions and even upsell their other products and services. Surveys already show that customers willing to spend $56 per purchase were enthusiastic about using chatbots during the shopping process.It’s hard to predict which trends will stick around for the long haul, but one thing’s for certain – this year will be a time for advertising creativity. Hopefully, you have a social media marketing company on hand that can help you and your brand pave the way to a newer and better way of advertising.